Former Santa Ana Insurance Agent Arrested in $1.1 Million Securities Fraud Scheme, California Department of Insurance Reports


01 Dec Former Santa Ana Insurance Agent Arrested in $1.1 Million Securities Fraud Scheme, California Department of Insurance Reports Posted at 16:37h in Blog by prwlegal201 “November 30, 2020 – ORANGE, Calif. — Former insurance agent Brian Fredric Sauls, 48, of Santa Ana, was arrested on 13 felony counts of securities violations, theft from an elder, and residential burglary after california...

Suzette Hughes


This woman is a stalker. She preys on men, and tries to probe into individuals personal info. She claims to be an abused woman from a previous marriage. She’s a gold digger. I wouldn’t leave personal things around her.Some say she’s a prostitute. Be very careful. She’s not to be trusted.

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Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods may be the world’s top golfer, but he’s is one sub-par husband and that perfect swing is no match for the kind of rough he’s stuck in now. He has 12 alleged mistresses (and counting). Rachel Uchitel (pictured) is the first woman linked to Woods. She was outed by the National Enquirer and […]

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New Faces Development Center


This modeling agency camps out in malls and try’s to hype people up on getting there kids and young people onto the modeling scene.Thye arrange a meeting with you to see if your child will be a good match for any of there modeling categories, anything from magazine ads to high fashion.Once you sign and […]

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Miracle Gadgets Hut


Miracle Gadgets Hut I ordered a ring and never got it. Internet!! May 19th, 2018, I ordered a ring for $39.99. I have never received said ring. All phone calls go to voice mail, and I have never gotten a call back. I have messaged them…nothing.

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Esther Lendvai


This lady has been scamming me for the last 6 months and asking for money to pay for bills to marry me. Not true She sent me a tax bill of 250£ of which it was not in my name and never sent to my home address. Then demanded that money to recieve a fake […]

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Larry Tansey


This Mid Fifty year old takes advantage of, both women and men in getting them to invest in this boat project.Envirodocks. Watch out all boating industry.Owes millions of dollars and then takes off. Beware of him! Is a Liar

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cara avilla


this hoe as been onto me for 3 years promising to come to England to marry me and live with me, she as asked for money to fly, get travel visa, hotel costs and there as always been a excuse , a car crash with pictures in hospital that you couldn’t make out , her […]

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Hilary Reed


This lady claimed she had a 2/2 in Honolulu, HI for 900 a month! Upon researching her, I found her on this website for posting the same apartment in Oregon, and New York!Run away!

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john feneis


This man is going around pretending to be wealthy but at the same time needs money to help him with his business. He wants you to set up a bank account for him while hes overseas and for to place money in it for him to borrow and he says he will pay youy back […]

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