Whistleblower on INTCAS Immigration Scam


Why I resigned from INTCAS after five years of forging documents and processing sham student visas MY NAME IS Raj Ahmed. I am in the middle of a fallout with my former friend Zakaria Mahmood on INTCAS multiple immigration frauds and visa forgeries. An irreparable fallout it seems, given his insistence to go on running […] View the full review and complaint about Whistleblower on INTCAS...

Facebook id hacked


My facebook id has been hacked and the hacker is demanding money from my friends under the plea that i am in trouble and need their assistance. He gives the address of Ukraine. Please help me in recovering my Facebook account. It has my contacts I do not want to lose at any cost.

View the full review and complaint about Facebook id hacked on HolySmoke.org at -

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